Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Pictures, just excuses.

so I don't have any pictures for you today. I mean I have some but they are in a camera at Toni's house. And even if they were here I might be too lazy to transfer them to the computer with all our pictures, then transfer them upstairs to the only computer with internet access right now (ryans). Blogging has gotten so complicated lately for me.

Really, though, some day I will get around to

I just wanted to give you all the updates on each of us since we haven't been keeping in touch lately.

All of us wish our house in PA would sell. I'm sure my parents wish it would, too, so we can move out of their house someday. We are currently averaging 1 offer a week, we just received our 4th offer and we are hoping to receive a 5th offer, too. Unfortunately, for all the activity on the house, nothing is actually working out. we have people bidding low because they can't afford the house, bidding low because they think that because the real estate market is bad enough that we will give away our house, people making a reasonable bid then getting scared away by a leaky roof.....we shall see what happens with #4 and hopefully #5.

Ryan returned home from visiting Utah for his mom's birthday and his cousins wedding. He had a fantastic time and, as is always the case when he spends a little time in his home state, has decided we should move there. He is working from home right now, which we love. And we aren't moving.

I am feeling good in the 2nd trimester and I can't wait for my ultrasound tomorrow to find out what we are having. I also caved to wearing maternity clothes last week. much more comfortable.

Ava is cuter than ever. She is still loving NC and still shrieks with joy whenever she sees her cousins (which is every day).

She has also been doing her best to pee anywhere but the potty. The potty training in a day method turned into 3 days for us, during which ava made no progress at all (but she managed to pee on every pair of pants I own). I got tired of sitting within 18 inches of a potty all day, so now we have daily training "sessions", which also yield no results. This is the drill: when she has to go, she asks for a diaper. Then I say no, and between 5 and 45 minutes later, she gets frantic and starts peeing on me or the floor. usually me. So, midstream, I set her on the potty and then she gets a reward. I thought I should try to do this now, before I have a newborn to deal with, but this is much harder than I expected.