Wednesday, June 15, 2011

win a trip to paris.

you guys, you can win a trip for 2 to paris. For real.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I keep meaning to make a list of all the changes we have made on the house...just for the record. I also keep meaning to post pictures from when Ryan's parents and Riley came to visit in April. Life is just so busy right now. This is what we've been up to ince we moved into our home (and by we, I mean industrious Ryan and his very industrious parents.)

Since Jan 22:

  1. -Knocked down 3 walls plus some partial wall

  2. -moved the wiring contained in those walls into walls that still exist

  3. -Removed one row of overhead cabinets from the kitchen

  4. -removed 2 beams from family room ceiling

  5. -patched up and sanded all the ceilings and walls where walls and beams used to be.

  6. -built a shed, thanks to Ryan M. (still needs doors and windo

  7. ws...but at least some tools now reside in the shed instead of on the patio and in the living room)

  8. -Dug up 2 extremely overgrown flowerbeds, dug a new shape for one of them, and mulched them

  9. -Removed the linoleum from our previous "entryway" and installed hardwood flooring

  10. -Ryan's mom put in hours and hours of picking at our nightmarish kitchen wallpaper. 3 layers of wallpaper, one of them was painted on.

  11. -She also prepped, primed, and painted Betty's room. Purple!

In the process of:
-removing 3 layers of lineoleum and one layer of wood sheeting (sub-floor? ) from the kitchen, to be replaced with more hardwood flooring. (This is a challenging project because the further ryan gets on it the worse it looks. You thought the current linoleum in our kitchen was bad? You should have seen what was under that! ug. Can't wait until the wood is installed!)
-making new trim and replacing old trim with it.

Next up:
-sand and stain the flooring in the whole house.

Also on the list:
-too much to remember.