Monday, January 28, 2013


Got my hair did. I am enjoying short hair except for that time my aunt and grandparents thought I was a teenage boy on facetime. Even when my mom focused in on my face they were like "who is that boy?". Score one for looking young? Now I am secretly hoping somebody mistakes me for a member of One Direction. Not sure if my jeans are skinny enough, though.

Here is my first selfie!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend we took some of the money the grandparents had sent us for Christmas and went to Great Wolf Lodge. It was SO much fun but we spent most of our time at the indoor water park and I took no pics because I didnt want to bring my camera or phone.

Asher was sad initially because he was too short to do any of the big slides (he really did get ripped offf for being short), and ava could go on almost all the slides but she was too scared, but in the end the family found common ground in the wave pool. Betty was lulled to near slumber on ryans lap while he lay in a tube. 

the highligt for A and A was having a tv in their bedroom. It was so amazing they would have stayed in their cabin all day if we didnt make them leave. Betty liked staying in a big girl bed but, of course, she kept everybody awake with her chatter. So i brought her to bed with me and ryan, where we were watching The Office. Instead of sleeping she alternately kissed me and made excited faces at me.

The highlight for Betty was getting a donut. We went to Mcdonalds for dinner and i gave them the option of dessert there or a donut at the hotel. They picked dessert there but apparently betty thought she was getting both. When she found out the truth she refused to eat her ice cream cone. We knew at that point she was serious about donuts. So like the spineless pushovers we are, we gave in, and all were happy.

All in all, it was a dream weekend for the kids. Thanks to grampy and grandma and grandpa dart!

Betty looking out her cabin window at Great Wolf Lodge