Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Dart girls.

Does this bow make my head look small?

New shoes courtesy of Grandma Dart!

The other kids

Since I am a lot less coherent than I was when I started this blog 5 years and 3 children ago, another post of just pictures of kids will have to do.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween Trunk or Treat

We had a dinosaur, a witch, and a flower this year for Halloween

A Spooky Blessing Day

Betty was blessed on Halloween!
Notice the lace Grammy sewed onto Betty's gown around the bodice and at the bottom of the dress. She also made her a headband but it was gone by the time we took these pictures.

Isn't she sweet?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last 9 Months: Part 3

My token Pregnancy pic. Here I am at 34 weeks. Now I'm almost 39 and quite a bit bigger.

And a video of Asher, just chatting about his cousin Chase (Chaser-man) and such.

The Last 9 Months: Part 2, Cancun

May, 2010 we somehow justified taking a trip to Mexico. Grammy watched the kids, and we were pampered at a beautiful resort. We still think about it often and miss the good old days of stepping outside of our hotel room and into the lazy river.

Yeah, that's a frozen drink in a monkey pineapple.

We invited 2 of our favorite people, Candice and Dave, to come along and were pleasantly surprised that they were up for it!

I didn't participate in the long jump in my delicate condition, but it was one of the highlights of the trip. Other good times include wind surfing, mini-sailboats, the time we raced Candice and Dave in the sea kayak tour (we totally won but I'm pretty sure their kayak was full of water), water aerobics in a pool full of drunk people, delicious french food, and most of all just being with friends and relaxing.

The Last 9 Months: Part 1

Quick, before I have tons of new baby pics to post, here are the last 9 months in review.

Asher Turned 2 in March! Now I'll brag a bit about him a bit, for posterity. He is so fun and full of personality. He has a shy side, but most of the time he's trying to make us laugh. He is also really smart and a great conversationalist for age 2. He was counting to 11 before he even turned two, and he now knows most of the (capital) letters by sight. He loves to torture his sister but he really loves her. When she is away, Asher asks me "where's my friend?" and when she gets home he attacks her with a hug while she stands there awkwardly stiff. I always meant to tell you guys about the time that we heard "Just Dance" on the radio and Asher, not even 2 yet, asked in his little toddler voice "Is this Yady GaGa?". We love this boy!

In March we learned that we will be having another baby girl! I am not so sure Ava would have accepted a boy. As it is, she is ecstatic and so are we!

We became the proud owners of a minivan! Don't be jealous.

Beach trip in April! our only trip to the coast this summer was fantastic. We went for a weekend with my two brothers and their families. Next year we hope to go more often!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

deprivatized again.

sorry guys. I don't know what's wrong with me. Now you can watch the apple clip, too. because I know you've been dying to watch asher eat an apple.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

more where that came from

I took a video of Asher today, and I thought it might be nice to post something same-day instead of weeks or months down the road.

One peaceful morning I took a video of asher eating cereal in silence. I just knew it was going to be the cutest thing in the world- I just love the way little kids eat and the expressions they make. Unfortunately, that video was lost but since then I've been preoccupied with replicating it. This isn't quite as adorable and groggy as early morning cereal, but post-bath apple can be pretty cute. so can post-bath hair.

She'd rather have a hug-o-war

We had a really fun christmas. all of my siblings came home and we all had a blast, but the cousins (all 15) were really in heaven. They had a tug-o-war, which Ava cried through the whole time. She's not used to working that hard.

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Friday, January 15, 2010


you can now watch the video below.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shoot mom

Asher is obsessed with this nerf gun. He is not quite strong enough to do it by himself but he was so cute trying that we took a video.