Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last 9 Months: Part 2, Cancun

May, 2010 we somehow justified taking a trip to Mexico. Grammy watched the kids, and we were pampered at a beautiful resort. We still think about it often and miss the good old days of stepping outside of our hotel room and into the lazy river.

Yeah, that's a frozen drink in a monkey pineapple.

We invited 2 of our favorite people, Candice and Dave, to come along and were pleasantly surprised that they were up for it!

I didn't participate in the long jump in my delicate condition, but it was one of the highlights of the trip. Other good times include wind surfing, mini-sailboats, the time we raced Candice and Dave in the sea kayak tour (we totally won but I'm pretty sure their kayak was full of water), water aerobics in a pool full of drunk people, delicious french food, and most of all just being with friends and relaxing.

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Dave♥Nicole said...

Dart - I can't believe you still have that awesome swimsuit (and fit it)!

-Dave Swenson