Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last 9 Months: Part 1

Quick, before I have tons of new baby pics to post, here are the last 9 months in review.

Asher Turned 2 in March! Now I'll brag a bit about him a bit, for posterity. He is so fun and full of personality. He has a shy side, but most of the time he's trying to make us laugh. He is also really smart and a great conversationalist for age 2. He was counting to 11 before he even turned two, and he now knows most of the (capital) letters by sight. He loves to torture his sister but he really loves her. When she is away, Asher asks me "where's my friend?" and when she gets home he attacks her with a hug while she stands there awkwardly stiff. I always meant to tell you guys about the time that we heard "Just Dance" on the radio and Asher, not even 2 yet, asked in his little toddler voice "Is this Yady GaGa?". We love this boy!

In March we learned that we will be having another baby girl! I am not so sure Ava would have accepted a boy. As it is, she is ecstatic and so are we!

We became the proud owners of a minivan! Don't be jealous.

Beach trip in April! our only trip to the coast this summer was fantastic. We went for a weekend with my two brothers and their families. Next year we hope to go more often!


Andrea J said...

Congrats on all of it! Y'all make that mini-van look good.

KellySummer said...

how on earth did asher get so much blonde hair? cute. also, i might not be jealous of the minivan, but i am jealous of what looks like an amazing yard and trees behind the van. actually, i'm not opposed to vans and constantly try to talk sunny into it cause they are so much more practical. good luck with the babe and pregoness! :)