Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Since this place is more journal than blog, i feel that I need to record this poem that I read to Ava a few weeks ago. It was in The Friend magazine.

I know that Jesus Loves Me
I know that Jesus loves me.
I can see it in the sky.
It shows in every white, white cloud
That dances for my eyes.

I know that Jesus loves me.
I can find it in the sound
Of the happy little waving leaves
That breezes whirl around.

I know that Jesus loves me.
I can hear it every day
In all the kind and gentle words
My parents often say.

I know that Jesus loves me,
For I feel a burning start
when I kneel and say a prayer.
The Spirit fills my heart.

The poem didn't really move me at the time, but sweet Ava told me it made her feel like crying. I told her it was the spirit confirming to her that Jesus really does love her.

On a less spiritual note, when this song, below, (ho hey by The Lumineers) came on the radio Betty said "Me love this song."  She has also been giving some fast-talking and very wordy explanations of her experiences, which I love. Rarely do others hear her speeches, but the waiting room at the chiropractors office got an earful about how the water cooler works and how much Ava would have liked it if she was there. One of the assistants called to the other in the back room and said "you have got to come see this little spitfire." Then tonight Ryan got to hear a short one  as she climbed to the top bunk, starting with "See? Me go up a ladder. Me no fall!" and we couldn't understand the rest.


Here is a pic of our co-op preschool in a box. Asher and betty in front, rest of the class in back. Asher is currently addicted to playing lego star wars on xbox. He has started waking up too early and forgetting to eat all in the name of xbox. Well, he is not blaming xbox (classic denial!) but I am.