Saturday, April 13, 2013

I know, I am obsessed with Betty

I just love age 2. It is the cutest. When I get around to posting a video of Betty's voice right now you will understand my favoritism on the blog.

So this is the conversation Ryan had with Betty ( no, we are not trying to have a baby, I am not pregnant, nor do we even have maternity insurance. I SWEAR. Ryan just asked this question out of curiosity. )

Ryan: Betty, do you want a little brother or do you want a little sister?
betty, without a second of hesitation: I want that little baby we saw at the Gap.

Rewind to 2 months ago when we were shopping at Gap kids and there was the tiniest little Asian girl following us around. so tiny but somehow walking. Her mother was nowhere to be seen but this adorable girl in the most adorable outfit followed us silently around for probably 30 minutes, even into the dressing room. Betty was fascinated. We all were, but I had no idea that she even remembered the child until her conversation with Ryan. Part of me wants that baby we saw at the Gap, too. I think we could have gotten away with her...

Friday, April 12, 2013


Apparently Betty got into my volumizer last night. I didn't notice until I got her out of bed this morning.

Favorites from Betty today

Two favorite quotes from Betty today:

"You are mine sweetie, Mom."


Me: should we go change your diaper, Betty?
B: (she just went outside to watch ryan mow the lawn) "no. Dad likes smells, right?"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This girl

Today Betty played with her friend Rosie. They had a great time until Rosie picked  Betty up and then dropped her on her bum. When I was putting Betty to bed tonight we had this conversation. In Bettyspeak, "fried"means "cried".

Me: Did you have fun at Rosie's house today?
B: yes, me sad.
Me: Because Rosie dropped you?
B: yes. Me not fried, mine eyes just watering.

Not sure why she feels the need to her hide her feelings already, but I am pretty sure it means we have already ruined this child.