Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last 9 Months: Part 3

My token Pregnancy pic. Here I am at 34 weeks. Now I'm almost 39 and quite a bit bigger.

And a video of Asher, just chatting about his cousin Chase (Chaser-man) and such.


Catherine said...

Super duper, Hol! I love all the pics and seeing your pregnant belly! Sorry I haven't visited in a while!!

Paige said...

What the heck? When did you start blogging again? Hello! I LOVE the pictures. ESPECIALLY the long jump pictures. Everyone should have a long jump picture, they are that good. :) I think I'm going to start requiring that at my photoshoots. :) And Asher is adorable. Can I have him, please? Soooooooo cute and curly. (my word below is homalpit. FYI)