Monday, February 05, 2007

It's not finished.

This is Ryan's table. He made most of it a few months ago. It wasn't a secret, he just forbid me from telling anybody.

Now that it is in its final stages, Ryan would really like to hear your opinions. Feel free to leave them, anonymously or signed, in the comments section or email us.

Some things we are wondering about include: What colors should be used? Should the top part (whitish part) be covered with a rubbery coating? Should it be shiny? Matte? The legs are made of wood. Should they be stained, natural, or painted?

oh yeah, and is this table ugly and why? Is there anything about it you would change? Does anything about the form bother you?

All comments are welcome!


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Anonymous said...

I like it alot, and not just because I'm Ryan's biggest fan. It's almost as nice as the desk he rigged at the Brickhouse or the shoes he put together for the Halloween party. Close. The one thing that would make this truly unbelievable would be an airbrushed photo of Wooley in his Umbros on the top. I'm placing my order for one in advance, for when Ryan quits the scooter factory and does furniture full-time.

Bridgett said...

Ryan I love the table. I even like it just how it is. Does it have some sort of finish on it, or is it straight from creation? I told you this when we visited but a rubber coating would be cool as well, especially if you pick the right colors.
How much would you sell this table for? I am going to send my friends to your sight so they can see it and I bet people are going to wonder what a masterpiece like that is going to set them back.
I love you brother.

Anonymous said...

The shape is fantastic. I'm not so sure about those silver bands... I love the legs their current color, stained clear? I could see the top with a clear coat too.... its looking Danish... so great!

Anonymous said...

Wow. From sketches to reality in just a few months. It turned out great. I like the legs natural as they are. I think a semi dark stain or color on the top. I picture something more matte than shiny.

The house looks great. I can't wait to come out again and see it.


Anonymous said...

nice!! i'm a big fan of the top half--color and all. not so crazy about the bands or the legs in general. still, looks great over all! can't wait to see some more of your designs. jenn