Thursday, May 31, 2007

This week in pictures

This week Ava started looking old

And driving
We went out on Memorial Day for coconut ice cream on waffles with rasberry sauce, my new favorite thing in our town. Ava likes it when we make a fort out of the menus.

I tried all day to get a picture of her with full view of her little orphan annie dress, and this is all I came up with. She's a busy girl with no time for photoshoots.
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Bridgett said...

Ava is a little girl now! She is growing up too fast.

Annie said...

Sweet Dart Family!
did you know that Dave's Avalon is named "Ava"? It makes me think of "our" adopted granddaughter each time I think about it! Dave misses Ava so much. Keep the pictures coming,
would love to see your tummy, Holly!