Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is for Josie

Without whom this picture would not exist. Because nobody ever thinks to take pictures of the mom.

I have only one picture of me pregnant with Ava. Unfortunately, unless I strong arm ryan into another photo shoot, this could be my only picture of me pregnant with #2.

So savor it, I don't know how much longer I can stand for this to actually be out there for everybody to see.

Oh yeah, sorry it's sideways. Not sorry it's small.


Andrea J said...

My Mom likes to take pictures of me after my due date, so I'm extra huge. You know, for posterity. But you look like a lovely prego. Good luck with the last little bit.

Melinda said...

You look so cute! You make a very cute progo lady! Melinda~ I'm excited for you guys!

melissa said...

If I could look like you when I'm pregnant, I would have a million kids! Good luck with your last month.

Josie said...

you look SO GREAT! look at that little body and that perfect round bump. and your hair! to die for. now that i've seen you, i feel like you can officially have this baby. you have my blessing.

more pictures, more! i'd like to see you arm wrestle ryan. justin would too.

Sara said...

You are a cute pregnant mommy! You aren't puffed up at all...hooray! The picture is a keeper...unlike all the ones I have of me that are definitely burners.

I had to do a double take seeing you with long hair. I'm not used to that. I like it.

Ashlee said...

You look fabulous even in your sweats. Your mantle and shelves are the first glimpse I've gotten of your new house. It looks cute, but I must see more.

Holly Dart said...

you guys are nice. This picture is kind of a joke- but then the joke is on me as its even worse than I expected.

And josie- I did as you requested this time but I don't think I can give into your crazy arm wrestling fantasy