Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dollhouse Frock GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Dollhouse Frock GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Dudes! I won this! hooray!

and I didn't even know it until my friend liz saw me on the winners list. THANKS, LIZ! I can't wait to see it on Ava. I will post pictures.

also, while I'm at it- Liz, can I be invited to your blog? I haven't talked to you in so long I think last time we spoke your name was Elizabeth.


Andrea J said...

Lucky! That dress will look fantastic on Ava. Was it you who introduced me to Grossgrain? Thanks, she's amazing.

kristen said...

Wow! CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to see the pics. I might want to come touch it over thanksgiving so I can get some creative juices via osmosis ;)

Sara said...

That is so cool that you won! The frock is so darling and is going to look so cute on your so-big three year old! Where has the time gone? :)