Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our new kitchen color. It turns out I don't hate the color of our cabinets after all, they just needed a complimentary wall.
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... we live far apart, but close at heart said...

Holly - I love checking out your site to see how you guys are doing and now I love your decorating! What is this paint color? I renovated my kitchen a year ago and have been struggling with paint ever since.


Josie said...

love it. isn't yellow and oak just painful on your eyes?! the new and improved is much nicer to look at. you have great taste.

Dave♥Nicole said...

I like it! I'm hoping for a blue kitchen one of these days myself!

Brooke Rane said...

ok, so somehow when i switched everything over to google reader i lost track of your blog and now i'm catching up on all these posts!! holly, the kitchen looks so much better with the walls painted this color--i love the shade of blue. you really do have a good eye :) and hey, we're always up for painting and remodeling if you guys ever need help. we've been wanting to come check out nc anyhow! i don't know what other before/afters peter has up his sleeve, but we're slowly finishing it all and it feels good...ok, i'll stop. this comment is almost a qualified email.