Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Asher vs. Ava

Ava is the one with the pink blanket. I meant to post their newborn pictures side by side a long time ago...like before Asher hit toddler status. I'm finally getting around to it. since I can no longer upload pictures from my camera to my computer, I thought it was a good time to post some classics.

And this last picture is just because Ryan loves it so much and I just located it on my mom's computer. That is a cute little pout and kick, isn't it? She still does this.


Sara said...

Cute pictures! They did look a lot alike didn't they. Hey, do you remember when, after Ava was born, a certain someone told you to pull yourself together? Sometimes when I'm having a bad day Todd will tell me to pull myself together and we both end up laughing. Ah, good times! :) We miss you guys...but not PA so much.

Holly Dart said...

Of course I remember that. I read this comment to Ryan and he said "yeah...you were crying."

like I was the crazy one in the story who everybody is still laughing at 4 years later.