Friday, March 25, 2011

Asher Quotes

I will never tire of Asher's sweet little voice and speech impediment. Or his sweet little observations ("I see a baby cow and it has black and it has white and he is eating his favorite soup!") . Or made-up words ("Mom! This is where I sitted lasternight!").

So I regularly take videos of him talking. I will miss it when he grows out of all that cuteness. He turned 3 last saturday. And sitting on a bar stool at Grandma's house, eating cupcakes with the family, he said "Look!!! I'm having my party!".


KevandChels said...

sweet. i never want to correct my kids grammar nuances. theyre too adorable.

KellySummer said...

hahaha, i love little kid comments. i could listen to them all day.