Saturday, September 10, 2011

Betty is 1!!

Betty at 1: Our smiliest baby, and to answer the question we get asked all the time: yes, she is always that happy.
Gives the best tight hugs and open-mouth cheek kisses ever.
Doesn't care much for solid foods.
Seeing a dog or a balloon=shrieks of joy.
Likes to try on shoes.
Gets a kick out of sitting by herself in different chairs.
Loves other babies, especially patting them hard on the head.
Takes good care of her dolls and stuffed animals.
Does not enjoy being thrown or turned upside down at all.
Her new trick is zerberts on my neck.
Still waking up at night, but much better as of the last couple of weeks (only 1-2x/night now),
Hates the car, loves to go for walks in the wagon or stroller.
Party people!

She knew just what to do with this cardboard thing that came around the gapkids box

And the chocolate frosting, as well

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