Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Ava's classroom. She doesn't tell me much about what goes on there. I was asking her about friends at school one day and she told me that a boy named Finn sits next to her at lunch and she had just spoken to him that day. It went a little something like this, as the kids around her attempted to identify the kind of juice that was in a certain capri sun.

Ava: "It's kiwi-strawberry."
Finn, to one of the other kids : "She talked!!"


Candice said...

haha. oh Ava.

Where does she get that from?? Maybe Ryan was shy in grade school. I doubt that.

KevandChels said...

Oh, she's so sweet! I wish I could do the same thing with Jillian. Sometimes as adults we chuckle at kids' perceptions of things but I feel like the kid, trying to make a complete picture with very little snippets. I'm sure if I compared her reality with my perception of her reality at school it would be amusing, and they would be very different

Holly Dart said...

Cand- ryan and I each considered ourselves shy kids. It is hard to believe about Ryan but he swears it is true. I was just lucky that you became my friend after I followed you and becky around on my first day of kindergarten.