Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Takin'care of chickens

We have been caring for our neighbors chickens for the past week. The kids, especially Betty, have been loving the it. almost every time we go Betty calls out to the chickens with a loud "Hi-lo chishens!" at the beginning and she usually refuses to leave at the end.

chickens are shifty little critters, with their beady little eyes and jerky movements. we watched one find a worm yesterday, and then she trotted frantically around this tiny pen while the others chased her. then another chicken nabbed the worm from chicken #1 and tried to eat and run away from the others at the same time. the only chicken who did not get the worm was sweet, fluffy, tiny Suzie. suzie is a bantam and her ggs are so cute the kids forbid me from eating them.

Here is asher feeding them peices of grass. yesterday a chicken pecked his finger and Asher said "that is how they show their yuv!" (We are hanging onto ashers speech impediment until it stops being adorable)

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Mark and Kim said...

How fun! Betty is adorable.