Monday, March 05, 2007

Ava kissing Audrey
Carter and Zack
Ellie, Zack, and Ava

We had such a fun trip to Boston 2 weeks ago! I am slow in posting the pictures, but here they are. Ava loved playing with her cousins, and also holding Audrey's hand really really hard.

As for this week, Ava and I have been quarantined because she has a stomach virus. On a brighter note, Ryan has finally been initated as a Dad. This saturday, while I was at the Y, Ryan endured the mother-of-all sickly diapers. He threw up in his mouth, but he was able to leave the naked child and sprint onto the wood floors to keep from barfing on Ava or the rug. Luckily, there was no external barfing at all. Sunday was not so lucky, as Ava ended up throwing up on previously barf-free rug and Ryan. He deserves a gold star.
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meredith.campbell said...

Ava's really lovin' the cousins in that last picture! haha
She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

adorable as usual!!!

kudo's to Ryan.... Hope everyone is feeling better!!!