Thursday, March 22, 2007

I hit a low point in motherhood. As I was loading the dishwasher and Ava was unloading it, I noticed she must have sat in some water because she was all wet. Nope, more like I forgot to put a diaper on her last time I changed her. When was that? I don't know, maybe one or maybe three hours ago. It was a pretty sad moment..

After her taste of freedom, Ava no longer wants to wear diapers. But then when she started crouching and grunting I persisted. Good thing, because I was about 30 seconds away from hitting new low point .

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Taylor Tidbits said...

giggle giggle..... wish I could be there to babysit while you have some mommie down time.... it's fun and exhausting and you really will get through it... but not w/o scars and grey hair :( sorry!

fun reading your stuff :)