Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hey you guys

Hi friends! I thought I should tell you the big news- we actually CLOSED on our Pennsylvania house last week. What a relief!

As for finding a new house here, we are still looking for one homely enough for us. So if you know of any homes around here for sale, let us know. We are looking for something that smells like old people and needs lots of work... Our real requirements are: decent neighborhood, big yard, place for ryan to make lots of noise (workshop or garage), and cheap enough that we can actually buy it.

Ok,'s our top pick of the moment. It's kind of the American Dream if you dream in the year 1978. The good news is- they got rid of the rank that I smelled the first time we saw the house (apparently there was a dead bird in the chimney, and they tried to cover up the scent with some nasty air freshener- even worse!)

we might make an offer on it, but that doesn't mean much these days. This would be the 4th home we would be making an offer on. Thank goodness those other ones fell through, because this might not look like much but check out the 2-car garage on one side, and the drive-in 1700 square foot basement/workshop. I mean, who even cares what the interior looks like? Are you with me, ladies?

A note to Ryan: disregard any sarcasm in this post. Really, I want the house. Badly. I know you can fix it up pretty.

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Josie said...

oh that made me laugh. the fact that it's a house and not some stinky apartment is just beyond exciting to me. it looks huge! good luck. and i'm glad you posted because i was starting to feel like a stalker