Friday, December 14, 2007

Home, Sweet Home

We are now in the process of buying this house.

I am about to go to the inspection. It has everything we wanted in a house- including room to grow. Except one thing- oh yeah- we went out of our price range. It was very uncomfortable for me to agree to that, so we will see how it goes.
Unfortunately for Ryan, its not a super-manly ranch with potential to be his ultra-modern dreamhouse. Its a little more traditional than that, but luckily so for resale value (Just in case the whole budgeting our money thing doesn't work out for us)


Josie said...

wow. that backyard just keeps on going. i can't believe you guys finally found a house. who decided to start living right?

and by the way, i'm glad i'm the token commenter. it makes me feel good.

Holly Dart said...

Josie: not just a token commenter, you are also the token reader.

we still aren't living right, but we heard about this house hunting raindance, and that seemed to work.

As for the yard- it is lots of space to make noise with tools and smells with chemicals, which was ryan's number one priority. we didn't fulfill his other priorities, such as full-size basketball court, flat land, 4 bedrooms, wired workshop, walking distance to work, and potential to be featured in Dwell magazine.

Melinda said...

What a cute house and it's so pretty around it! Good luck! Melinda~

Andrea J said...

I want to see some before, during, and after shots of whatever house is lucky enough to be Dart Manor. Good luck with the house hunting.

Taylor Tidbits said...

sooo glad you guys sold in PA !!!


new house looks wonderful :)

How are you feeling?

Scott said...

Nice house! We did the same thing (pushing the envelope of our price range) and so far it's going fine. We just had to cut back on our trips to Europe and Hawaii.

Todd said...

Hey Holly,

I need to call you! I'm dying to find out what's going on with this house. Now that the holidays are officially over, my brain might get back to working like it used to (I'd be happy with my "after kids" brain even...nothing fancy) and I can get it together enough to call.