Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big boy

It kind of looks like I pasted a giant head on Asher's body here.
But he wanted to show off how strong his neck muscles are, so I am posting this pic anyway.

We went to Asher's 2-month check up last week. His weight is in the 95 percentile at 14 lbs. He is 24 inches long (90th percentile) and, despite this picture, his head is in the measly 75th percentile.
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Sara said...

He is SOOOO sweet! He doesn't totally look like a Dart in this photo either. Is he starting to look like a Baldwin a little? So cute!

Makenzie&David said...

How is it possible that you and Ryan had this huge baby? I love it!

Whitney said...

Holly & Ryan! I found your blog! Your new baby is WAY cute, and way huge! hope life is going great!

galleyfamily said...

The sad part is that is what Brookley's head looked like when she was a baby. In fact whe was off the charts in head size also including the other categories.