Friday, June 13, 2008

You're naked.

I decided that I need to be better about documenting the amusing things Ava says. That is, when she speaks. She is a mute sometimes, only communicating in snuffs and meows (two snuffs means yes, three is an enthusiastic yes. Meow also means yes.)

Ava, while trying out some dance moves she learned on So You Think You Can Dance: "Look grammy, I'm standing onHolly!"

Ava, speaking to her granola bar after she took the wrapper off: "You're naked."
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toni said...

Did you place the photo of Ryan looking pantless under the "you're naked" headline intentionally?

Holly Dart said...

toni- no, that was not intentional. I had not noticed. I guess I'm used to his flesh-colored pants.

nice catch.