Friday, August 15, 2008


I was checking out this blog, Creative Soup, as I often do, when I spotted this pic
which Creative Soup spotted at THIS site which is dedicated to fanny pack antics. Does that guy look familiar? You may not know him from this angle as well as I do, but this looks exactly like my husband. In fact, I was sure it was my husband when I first saw it, as Creative Soup was created by Ryan's Brick House roomate's wife (Brooke, who I love, and wish I knew in real life.) There were a lot of speedo-wearing occasions in the Brick House, and Ryan was always first to don the speedo. But how did Fanny Pack Antics get this picture? And also, though there were many speedo-wearing episodes during his college yearss, I don't think ryan ever sported a fanny pack.

correct me if I'm wrong, ry.

On a kind-of related note, Has anybody else seen the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Reese tells Dewey that everybody has an evil twin, and Dewey meets his? It's one of my favorites. I love that show.


Brooke Rane said...

D-Y-I-N-G with laughter as I read this...I am glad you put this on here, and although I have never seen Ryan in a speedo, when I told Peter how you thought it looked like him, he was like "Oh my gosh, it REALLY DOES!". So funny....someday we will have to meet in person ;) have a good weekend!

Pita Bread said...

Ha! So funny huh? That's the Ryan I know. When Brooke found the picture I immediately thought it was him!

Anonymous said...