Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bathroom destruction has begun

Ryan m is destroyong our bathroom. Though we will miss some of our old bathroom, I am hoping I can replicate the previous owner's  eye for detail. Let's take a look. First up, the vanity for ants. It really coordinated with our extra slim and short  shower door opening, which I did not get a pic of.

Next, the lighting fixture picture, in which  you can also see part of the wallpapered medicine cabinet (or can you? They are so cleverly camoflauged).

I can't say the last item was intended by the original owners, exactly, the process was probably more organic than that. This is a photo of the slimy festering cracks that surround our sink drain. Also note the wallpaper border attached to the mirror, because one should never miss a wallpaper border opportunity.

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