Friday, August 03, 2012

Snaggle tooth

Ava showed me her loose tooth one day in May. Later that day, she fell on some gravel and hit her face and one loose tooth became two very loose teeth. I have seen her baby a loose tooth before, never wiggling it and barely allowing it to be brushed but I still thought she would end up losing at least one of the teeth before school was out for summer. Here are the teeth today.

The teeth are practically floating and they now change shape on a daily basis. at one point she had a huge gap on one side which caused people to ask her if she lost a tooth. Now one is wonky forward and downward and one is wonky back. My question now is will se still have them when she starts school again in 3 weeks?


ME said...

Slightly reminiscent of Nanny McPhee. :) I totally understand though, Riley won't let us touch his loose teeth either.

Mark and Kim said...

Wow! Come over and Mark will yank them out! Actually, he'd probably make Ava do it herself. Twist them out!