Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Haircuts to dentist appointments, Betty wants to do everything her big brother and sister do. This week I humored her and let her get a big-girl haircut at the "salon". Great Clips gets the "quotation mark" treatment because of the hack job Ava came away with. Betty's hair, however, looked the same (as planned). She looked super cute and so small sitting on that tall chair with her tiny head poking out of an abundance of capery, holding back a smile.

I got my haircut, too. At a salon.


Catherine Plautz said...

Girl, I'm IN LOVE with this haircut. This is my dream haircut for myself. I am almost due to cut this mane for Locks of Love again.

Love that your kiddies love the salon too :)

Candice said...

As always, I love the hair. I am dying for a pixie, but my face is too big. I'm thinking of doing more of the Portia cut.

Yours is so cute. I love it!

I missed seeing you guys this summer.